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What is the best way to integerate a PC for C4 control


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I want to be able to use my C4 remote to control my PC at least things like play and pause, I know they make PC remotes for use with AV systems but what is the best one and does anyone have any experience doing this and how hard was it to set up?

I'd like to get the PC end all set up then have my dealer just add a driver if that is possible

so any suggestions for a remote for my windows 7 PC??

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This might be overkill in your situation but you could......

Another good way to integrate this although expensive because of the software, is to use girder. What you could do is setup girder with a regular media center remote and get a dealer to add the driver for the media center remote. It would require a little bit of learning to setup Girder but the end result would be very flexible PC control from a C4 remote. Also you should check to see what hardware is supported before you buy anything. I use USBUIRT for IR input on my PC. Another route for controlling the PC would be to use EventGhost (freeware) which I don't use but I hear good things about it. When setup you should be able to do things like:

lauch an close Apps with the C4 remote

contol the mouse pointer with left and right click

program buttons to control PC apps

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