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GE Concord serial connections


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I've read that the serial connection between the GE Concord and the MC should be straight through. The Concord has a DB9 connection. The MC I'm connecting to has already used up the 2 DB9 serial ports (one for a TV and the other for a Sony 777). So, I need to connect the Concord to the MC's SERIAL 3 using CAT5e. This input wires are: TX, NC, RX, NC, RX+, RX-, TX-, TX+, GND.

Which wires from the CAT5e go into which MC Serial 3 connection?

When I attach a DB9 connector on the other end for the Concord, which wires get used?


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Sorry to dig up an old post, but I'm going to be installing my Concord4 here real soon.

I have ~50' between where my Concord4 panel w/ RS232 interface will be and my HC300 controller.

Can I use standard CAT5e and terminate myself?

What would I need? ...a few of these



Any better alternatives?

Thanks guys.

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I'd recommend that instead of sending the serial that far, you should relocate the SuperBus 2000 Automation Module further from the security panel. The keypad wiring of the panel (which the Automation Module connects to) was designed as a differential RS-485 serial connection, and because of that, can tolerate much longer distance wire.

Extend the keypad bus to the location of your automation wiring, and use a regular (short) serial connection.


Edited to Add: Fixed grammar error. Duh. Too early.

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