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I have had a Control4 system for three years. In that time have have had to replace the media controler twice and the multichannel amplifier once. Is this typical or have I just been unlucky? All equipment is powered through a Panamax power conditioner.

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I'm sorry to hear you had reliability issues with some of your Control4 gear.

The first generation of products definitely had more reliability issues than the current generation, and probably the worst offenders were the two you've mentioned.

I don't know what the specific issues with the Media Controller are/were, but the v.1 amplifier had a power supply module (from a power supply company) that failed too often.

Since the reliability has gone up, Control4 has extended the Manufacturers warranty on new equipment to 2 years with the latest generation of equipment, where it was 1 year with the 1st-generation gear.


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