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Digital Audio Problem


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Just had a relatively basis Control 4 system installed by my dealer. HC-300, Multi-Channel Amplifier with eight listening zones, 7" touch screen POE, Home theater, iPod dock, Readynas Duo 500GB, Linksys WRVS4400N router and a Dlink 5 port switch.

Worked for about a week and then had a power bump. Not sure if it was a surge, however all gear is surge protected but no UPS. Home theater worked fine, TV, DVD, Digital Music etc. but was not getting power to the digital music zones through Multi-Channel Amplifier. Was able to access digital music through touch screen from Readynas and iPod and had complete functionality except for no sound.

Dealer made a site visit and determined the HC-300 had reset itself to Zigbee from Ethernet and corrected the problem. This worked for a day and then back to no sound.

Dealer made a second visit and is experiencing a brief network error message when accessing the system with the SR-250 remote. The home theater zone however still works. The dealer thinks it might be a problem with my router or switch and plans to make a third visit to replace router and switch with an eight port Netgear router.

Are we on the right track?


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