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Speaker Points or Amp


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Looking for some advice and experiance....

I have a new constuction install (about 6 months old now) that I installed a Cat6 network and there are 8 Ethernet Speaker Points on the same network. No problems NOW

The Client now wants an additional audio zone. I'm concerned about adding another Ethernet Speaker Point

Here's the questions:

1) Has anyone had more than 8 Speaker Points on a network? Any issues?

2) If I remove 4 Speaker Points from the system (in a rack in the Lower Level) and replace with a C4 Multi-Channel Amp, can I stream to multiple zones from the Cat5 input on the C4 Multi-Channel Amp.

3) or.... Will I need a Audio Matrix Switch? Can I stream to multiple zones from the Cat5 input on the C4 Audio Matrix Switch?

Thanks for your help!!!


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You could go amp and one SP. to give you 9 zones, the amp wil work as a switch for its 8 inputs

Correct me if I'm wrong...

be a little less expensive, and if there is an area that doesn't have easy access to the amp that would be where to place the SP

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The only problem with the Amp for 8 Zones and a Speaker Point for 1, is that the Speaker Point audio will be delayed about 3-5 sec from the Amp. This is because the Amp is analog audio in and out but the Speaker Point is getting a Digital Audio Signal In and needs to do a D/A conversion which takes about 3-5 seconds.

I hope this info is helpful,


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The Media Controller is in a Home Theater upstairs and connected to a switch in the lower level via Cat6 + Analog Output 1 is connected to the Receiver in the Theater.

4 - Speaker Points in Utility Room in Basement Powering 4 Zones

4 - Speaker Points in other rooms in the home (1 at each TV) - As soon as the TV is turned on the Audio Plays over the Speakers in the Room - When Music starts playing off the controller, the music take over.

1 - Home Theater

Correct me if I'm wrong but, I would need to run analog outputs from the Media Controller to the Audio Matrix Switch then the Amp. Then I would be limited to 2 sessions (+ 1 in the Theater).

Currently, I can stream 9 sessions at once. Realisticly, I don't forsee this happening in the real world but....

At this point, I think adding another Speaker Point and indentifing the limitations to the Client may be the best course of action.:D

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