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Pakedge RE2 throttling network?

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Hi, I have a 100MBps speed plan from my ISP (Telstra NBN in Australia). When I connect any device directly into the Telstra modem I do get the correct speeds. However I don't use this modem for the home network. Rather the home LAN network is all Pakedge gear and the RE2 WAN port is connected to the Telstra Modem. My C4Dealer advises that he can see the 100Mbps at the Pakedge RE2's WAN port which is good, however on my PC on the network I can only get about 30MBps and to me it appears the Pakedge is throttling the system somehow. 

There are numerous (ypical) devices around the network like 5 Alexas Echo Dots, 3 phones, an Ipad and some Sonos speakers (although they might not be relevant if on their own network) as well as the media sources in Control 4 rack like an Apple TV, Foxtel/payTV box etc. I have the main home PC connected via Cat 5e cabling. Even if it is late at night and no one watching TV, streaming movies, playing music etc, I can only get about 30MBps download on the PC with a 30MBps upload.

I know devices can be chatty even when idle but I'm struggling to believe that what is connected is reducing total speeds available on PC by 70%. (i.e. from a 100 to 30MBps). If I use a laptop via wifi, I get the same speed result.

I haven't yet tried turning off all devices to see if speed improves but that is the next experiment, however I was wondering if anyone else had an issue with the Pakedge RE2 gear possibly throttling the network somehow? If so how can I fix it/advise my C4Dealer to fix it?

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