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Onkyo receiver as a video switch?


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I've had my Onkyo TX-SR605 receiver for a few years now and only discovered it may be able to work as a video switch (I know this doesn't mean matrix).

On the rear of the receiver I see 3 component video in and 1 component video out. In the receiver setup menus I've assigned the video in to correspond with the desired audio in. I'm still experimenting and looking for an extra component cable to test.

Is anyone else here using their receiver as a video switch?

By the way, component video goes to an Audio Authority balun that distributes the video to my TV via 2 Cat5e cables.

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Yep it seemed to work.

Now to go out and get a few 3' component cables and to spend time troubleshooting the Apple TV driver and my Onkyo driver.

1. Onkyo driver problem: when the receiver is turned off and I select a radio station from the C4 remote, it powers on, goes to the radio station and then toggles AM/FM. It shouldn't toggle AM/FM. If the receiver is already on, it doesn't end the sequence of commands with toggling AM/FM.

2. Apple TV driver problem: this device doesn't actually have a power on/of IR command. However, C4 is sending a command when I select WATCH | APPLE TV or select the Room Off. It appears to be sending the ENTER command and selects whatever item was selected when it was powered off.

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