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Any Mac Users out there running Composer?


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I'm a newbie about to invest in a control 4 system, and I'm trying to collect as much information as I can before I take the plunge.

I've been a Mac user for a while now and have a significant amount of money invested in my Mac Pro. However, the Control 4 Composer software only runs on the Windows OS. I'm evaluating how badly I will need composer, and if so, how I could make it work on my Mac.

Anyone out there running composer software on their Mac through "boot camp"? I've never run boot camp before, does it allow access to your itunes library and other data on your computer?

I've read that Mac users can run Windows and Mac applications at the same time — without rebooting — using VMware or Parallels software. Anyone try this with composer?

Perhaps I won't need composer, but any Mac users out there (even those that don't use Composer) if you would share your control 4 experience I would be very grateful.


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