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DoorBird D101, existing chime bell


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I have a Nutone Chime Bell and just installed the DoorBird D101 today using PoE. The DoorBird has a connector for ‘bell’ and I can’t find any information on how to connect it to the chime bell so the Nutone bell also works when someone rings the doorbell.


Do I simply have to connect the wires from the old push button door bell button (red and white) to the ‘bell’ connector? I would think the bell connector slot is simply completing the circuit, just as the push button doorbell button did.


Any more information would be helpful and is appreciated.



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From the DoorBird D10x installation manual:



Conventional electric door chime

If someone rings your video door station, you will immediately receive a push notification with sound/vibration on your smartphone or tablet. In addition the video door station comes with a zero-potential relay contact for connecting a conventional electric door chime inside the building. The relay contact can be used to activate the separate operating voltage of the door chime or the door chime via its trigger input. If the operating voltage of the door chime is activated, it should not be greater than 24 V (AC/DC). The power consumption should not exceed 1A. The video door station does not provide its own power supply for the door chime. This is provided through the separate power supply of your conventional door chime. Should you have any questions, please contact the manufacturer of your door chime. You can find compatible door chimes and a sample wiring diagram at www.doorbird.com/support



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6 hours ago, vengatesan said:

outdoor doorbird how to connect indoor  extra normal calling bell

Gosh. I don’t really remember anymore but check the manual for both the devices. 

I have since upgraded to the C4 doorbell. Much better. 

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