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Will a EA-1 work with multiple Triad-One amps?



Control4 calls the EA-1 a one room solution. We have a customer who is looking for 2 zones of audio (music streaming only) and wants to be able to control it from a touch screen or phone. My thoughts are since they dont want any other automation type items, the EA-1 would be an affordable way to set this up.

Only issue is since Control4 calls it a one room solution only, makes me think they have it so you cant set up multiple zones. Is the true?

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19 minutes ago, Dunamivora said:

That is not true. The limit to one controller dropped after 2.10.4.

Two Triad zones is well within the device limit threshold that is in the recently udpated controller spec document.

Awesome! Thats what i assumed but wanted to be sure before i sent the quote over to the customer.

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It's DESIGNED for a one room solution in that it has limited IRs/serial and only a single HDMI audio output (ie connect it to a receiver).

It indeed used to be locked to one controller only (they did the same with the HC200, not sure why they repeated this, perhaps both were to make it clear that the EA1 was it's own beast, and that the replacement for the HTC/HC250 respectively was the HC300/EA3).


So yes, feel free to slap a few tiad ones to an EA1

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