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Netgear EVA 8000


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I have the 8000 for several months (bought it before the 9150 came out).

I like it very much. I have backed up all of my regular DVDs.

I am thinking of backing up my Blu-ray DVDs and I am not sure if the EVA8000 can play those files.

Does anyone here know? (I am aware that the 9150 can but I don't know if the 8000 can).


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It might, you'll probably want to re-encode the file to a smaller size so that it doesn't buffer as much. The downside is that re-encoding, your results will vary depending on the process, and the quality will suffer to some degree. There's a good article in this month's Maximum PC magazine, as well as on their website.

The hardware on the 8000 isn't really designed to handle the extra resolution and bit rates on HD media

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