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Lutron Sivoia Shades


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There are 3 ways to control the shades.

1. is through Lutron Homeworks software andthe integration of a Q06 module which will not work with C4

2. is to use the Sivoia CCI 8 and Relays from Control 4 as Dan mentioned. I would suggest this method. The CCI 8 comes with 8 contact closures.

The default is the following. Open, close, raise, lower, stop, preset 1, preset 2, and preset 3.

You can switch the dip switches to change this. for example if you had 2 groups of shades you could have it be set to have 2 groups each group would have open, close, raise and lower.

You can also have 4 groups of open and close

Or 2 groups of open, close, stop, preset 1

3. would be IR

Lutron does not make a serial interface module

The CCI8 and relays will be best solution. But it can get expensive when doing a large amount of shades and groups

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