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For Sale:PureAV Power Distribution

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We are cleaning out our warehouse and I have a PureAV AP41300-12 Power Distribution unit that we are selling. This is a demo unit that is no longer in use. We are also including the Middle Atlantic rack shelf and face plate so it can be rack mounted. Starting bid is $100.00

I have listed it on eBay where you can get the details and view images. You can view it at http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230373120482#ht_500wt_1182.

Side Note: We will also be listing various Middle Atlantic items (Racks, Shelves, Face Plates, etc), Used Control4 items (these are systems that we replaced), new and used Crestron equipment and various A/V equipment during the week. As items are listed I will post. If you are interested prior to listing let me know and I will tell you whats available.

Any questions let me know.

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I have gotten a few inquires about the Control4 gear, what it consists of, how old it is etc. We are taking inventory of the C4 items and I should have that information by Wed. I do know this. There are about 100+ items that we have acquired over the past 2-3 years. These items consist of Keypayds (New Boxed/Unboxed and Used), Light Switches/Dimmers (New Boxed/Unboxed and Used), TP's (Version numbers unknown, New Boxed/UnBoxed Used), Controllers (New Boxed/Unboxed and Used), Remotes (Version Numbers Unknown, Used, Unboxed) and various docking stations, chargers etc.

Since this is all equipment that we have acquired when we replaced C4 systems I do not know if any of it works, if it's under warranty (I highly doubt any of it is even the boxed gear) or what versions we have of what equipment. All we are doing is cataloging it and I will post the items and quantities on eBay. Either way everything will be sold AS IS, NO WARRANTY and NO RETURNS. Below are a few questions I have received so far.

Q: Have you tested, turned on, charged, or tried any of the equipment?

A: No we have not and we do not plan to do any testing, powering on, or charging of any equipment

Q: Is this New/Used gear, are there boxes, manuals, cables, etc included?

A: Equipment consists of both, new and used. Some of the gear is in boxes, not much. As far as any manuals, cables etc there are none.

Q: Will you be listing the versions of each TP, Remote, Controller, etc.

A: No. We will just be listing model number, if it's used or new and if it's boxed or not.

Q: Do the TP's or remotes hold charges?

A: We have no idea and we will not test if they do

Q: Will you be posting pics of the gear?

A: Yes. When we post it on eBay pics will be posted

I hope that helps to answer some questions.

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Here are the Middle Atlantic RSH rackmounts that we have for sale.

From Middle Atlantic - With Middle Atlantic's innovative RSH custom rackmounts, you can install virtually any component in a standard 19" enclosure without making any modifications. Custom cut to provide a perfect opening for the face of the component you are mounting, each RSH unit provides a neatly-trimmed installation with a perfect fit and no gaps.

All rackmount face plates are black brushed and anodized. All are used with no scratches on the face plates.

QTY Model

1 Apple TV

2 Motorola Cable/Satellite Box Model Number DCH3416 - One of Two

1 Dish Network Satellite Box Model VIP622

All are listed at $50.00 each.

Unfortunately the pics are not coming out right so instead of posting bad pics I have decided not to post any.

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