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Roku and Samsung Apps


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I am in the UK and have a 2020 Samsung Frame TV which I use IP control for with C4.  I have a Roku stick in this TV which I used for apps because it worked very well with C4 on another TV I have.  Being in the UK, Roku Ultra with a hard-wired ethernet connection is not officially available (and certain UK apps such as BBC iPlayer are not available on it).  I have had a few issues with the Roku and got to the final straw last night when netflix wouldn't stream on the Roku but I switched to the native Samsung app and it worked perfectly.  I am not sure if it is a temperamental Roku or a wifi issue (the room has good ac wifi coverage but the Roku is behind the TV and behind plasterboard in a nice with the Samsung Frame box).

I am wondering whether I should buy a Roku Ultra (which are available online, imported from the US) and could C4 run Netflix, Amazon prime, etc. from the Roku but use the TV app for BBC iplayer?  Or should I just keep it simple and switch to using the TV for all apps (the TV is on ethernet)?


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49 minutes ago, OceanDad said:

If the TV apps are all working well, why not just use the TV ?   Use the mini app drivers, and navigate straight to the streaming service with one click from your remote.  Keeps things simple, and you have the reliability of ethernet for everything.

Samsung tv only allow -Netflix /YouTube and amazon 

nothing else so I understand ~ we have a frame tv and this is a bit frustrating 

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Thanks everyone. A UK Roku Ultra seems to be my only solution but this doesn’t exist....

Until this does exist, could the following be done? Use Roku for the channels possible and then on the SR260 there would be entries for iPlayer and other UK apps but all of these just open the Samsung SmartHub and then I navigate to the relevant app?

Thank you

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With other devices similar to Roku you can use an OTG cable, or something similar, to attach multiple USB devices to the USB charging port.  This could allow you to use a USB-ethernet dongle for your network connection. Not sure if that works with a Roku stick. 

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