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Adjustable Tinting Windows to Control Glare with Control4


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E GLASS is the revolutionary new technology that marries glass with electronics, turning them into windows, doors and skylights which give you full control of light, sunglare and heat gain with the touch of a button.

super cool looking stuff. It looks integratable into control4 systems as well. Check out the interactive demo under "Take Control of Sun Glare and Privacy".


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Interesting - I have seen this stuff in movies - you know the high powered lawyer's office. They press a button and bingo, they have opaque windows. Then they make it transparent so they can laugh at and mock their underlings as they scurry around doing lawyer stuff.

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Spoke to Steve over at Innovative Glass Company. He asked me to keep the pricing information confidential, and he confirmed that it has been integrated with X10 and Crestron successfully and and be controlled via a solid state relay. He hasn't heard of Control4 ...yet! :)

Basically they can make the glass do anything you can imagine, including opaqueness (like, Samer stated above), tinting when the sun is really bright with an external brightness sensor), vary levels of tinting (via on-wall/control4 controller), etc. Really slick stuff!

I'd recommend speaking to Steve if you're interested. He's a really helpful guy - 516-681-9300

Here's some more pictures for those interested:


Types of glass offered (can be mixed & matched):


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