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Shade control based on position of sun (like Lutron Hyperion)


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Hello all. Our new home will have a lot of glass, with roller shades on every window.   I'm intrigued by the Lutron Hyperion system (for office buildings) that takes the sun's position into account (I think via celestial calculations and not light sensors) and adjusts shade position to avoid harsh direct sunshine as the day progresses.  Seems pretty cool.   Are there Control4 solutions that can replicate this? 

Info on the Lutron system:  https://www.lutron.com/TechnicalDocumentLibrary/367-1626.pdf

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Not using a system similar to Hyperion (at this time).

Frankly though, Hyperion is not something you would use unless you're in a highrise (and high up) or you have quite the special home (ie full glass facing nested on a cliff). In your 'average' (multi-million dollar) home the actual effect of Hyperion would just be cool factor, not function.

You can certainly program based off of sunset/sunrise (and before/after) to mimic this to some degree, and add date ranges to adapt the exact timing to open/close shades. But you'd have to get the information for the sun height yourself and it won't be quite as accurate.

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From Lutron... "NATURAL LIGHT OPTIMIZATION: Enable your blinds to automatically adjust the amount of tilt based on the position of the sun for maximum comfort throughout the day."

I told them I wanted this for my roller shades and the non-committal response was that "it's coming." 

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1 hour ago, Neo1738 said:

If you have a keypad in the direct sunlight you could probably program based on light levels of the keypad. Or get a motion sensor w light level sensing. 

Good idea - this is how I would do this.  Have some sort of a light sensor and program on the light intensity.  But I wonder if keypads are sensitive enough and can differentiate between multiple levels of very bright.  You might need some other sort of sensor.

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I also program the blinds on the east side of the home to open in timed increments after sunrise so as not to let the sun shine in our faces at the breakfast table or watching some morning TV on the couch. 

? If time is sunrise 
-> raise kitchen east blind to 15%
-> raise keeping room east left blind to 15%
--> Delay 45 minutes

? If kitchen east blind is 15%
-> raise blind to 30%


you get the idea.

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