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My dealer spends most of his time on Crestron so there is a lag while they come back up to speed on C4 issues. I do as much legwork as I can to speed things up. Otherwise I can be waiting for quite a while.

In this case I'm trying to understand if the room selection output is tied to a specific room parameter and that is how it is made "generally available" - viewable under music/. I have the ipod in my master bedroom. I didn't plan on physically hooking it to any other hardware. I was assuming this was feasible. Right now the iPod Dock has been added to my master bedroom and is apparently visible through the composer interface, but I can't see anything through the end-user interfaces.

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How is your iPod dock connected audio-wise?

Does it connect to any equipment in the room? Does it connect to a controller's inputs? Does it connect into a receiver or TV?

That physical connection needs to be mirrored as an audio (+video possibly) connection in the Control4 system, and the end device in the chain (i.e. the TV/Receiver/AV switch, etc.) also has to be an audio endpoint in the room.


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