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IP Address Assignment


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Flat network unless we have devices known to cause issues that need to be on their own VLAN.  Depending on the scope of the project DHCP is fine for many devices these days, we typically use DHCP reservations for systems that warrant assigned IP addresses.  Certain devices always get assigned IPs.  

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I am guessing that he means do people have strategies for numbering within your LAN.

I use 1-10 for networking hardware like router, WAPs, switches. (ie -

My C4 controllers are from 11-19.

My PCs are from 85-99.

My DHCP range is from 100-200.

I use 30-39 for cameras.

Or at least that was the original plan.  As you get too many devices to fit within one range that you set 10 years ago the plan starts falling apart. Entropy starts to set in 😔

I am thinking of going to a /23 subnet but that may f(&% up stuff for a bit as I will undoubtedly forget to change some things that have static settings.  I am starting to run out of room on your typical /24 subnet as I have a bunch of dockers running on unRAID and I like to use unique IPs for them so that I don't have to screw around and change HTTP from port 80 to all sorts of funky ports.

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It depends on how sophisticated your network is and how much expertise you have in-house. I usually have two VLANS to keep IoT devices secure and write some firewall policies to allow the traffic back and forth so users can't tell the difference. But a lot of the gateways/routers that AV integrators use wouldn't be able to do this. Pakedge, for example, doesn't allow for this sort of traffic between VLANs. 

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I reserve IP ranges for different device types, leave empty addresses for expansions, /23 subnet, more over; I don’t use VLAN’s, all my IOT devices are below the Gateway which can be “seen” locally but can’t get outside for lack of Internet 😁 and I have the address range freed for devices that need Internet Access.

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Static assignments from inside the router or switch for all manages devices. VLANs for traffic separation and privacy isolation for IoT devices and guest network. IP cameras should always be on NVR internal or isolated network for security. Customer unique VPN address. Larger subnets bigger commercial spaces or larger lighting systems.  

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