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Pakedge WX-1 Issue


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I was trying to factory reset 4 WAP's (Pakedge WX-1) and I couldn't get it to reset the ip to the default  I tried so many different things that I lost my place and now I am able to scan with fing and find the mac, but there's no IP.  Any ideas?  

Couple of things I tried and this may be where I screwed up.  I had these dhcp reserved, so when I couldn't get it to default back to .250, I thought maybe the router was holding that reservation for the mac (even after I deleted it months ago).  So I recreated the reservation and then deleted it again.  Now (and not everytime) Fing picks up the mac, but has a blank ip.  I even thought maybe the lease was holding it, so I changed the general dhcp lease from 12h to 2m and waited.  No luck.

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2 minutes ago, mstafford388 said:

Pakedge also has where's my wap software which would populate 2 waps even if they are on the same IP address. 

Boy do I know it.  I don't have access, but it would have made my life easier, that's for sure.  Is this something I can get a link to?

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1 minute ago, mstafford388 said:

I think it's floating around out there with a google search

Thanks.  If it is, I can't find it.  Tried last night.  When our techs get back this afternoon, they are all Pakedge certified.  I can get it I'm sure.  I was just trying to take care of this to ship them out today...

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