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A cool audio volume/source idea that hasn't worked 100% yet


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In a few houses I have been installing, the client has a Dining room. This room is close to the kitchen. The Kitchen has audio, as well as the Dining room. Because the rooms are so close together, they want them to be roughly the same volume level, and always the same source of audio. (Meaning if the kitchen is playing xm, so should the dining room) I messed around with some number variables and found that I could get the same source to play for XM and Media (although the media didn't always work out, I'm not sure why) Unfortunately, if I started messing with the volume stuff (The way I did it in the programming was to have Output 2 and Output 5 (kitchen and dining respectively) have the same Volume levels: Output_2_Volume_Level and Output_5_Volume_Level within the programming) the whole system would freak out volume wise. The solution I have done so far was to remove one room from the programming, set it up as Kitchen/Dining in the programming, and use a Y RCA connecter to go out of the same Output of the Multi Switcher and into different inputs of the Amp. This works, but has anyone successfully had two rooms sync up within the programming?

Sorry if that isn't very clear. I'll try to re-write it if no one can understand :)

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