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Control4 SDK 1.0 now available


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We are pleased to announce the release of the Control4 Software Developers Kit (SDK) 1.0. It was released Friday, February 10. This SDK was announced and was the primary topic of discussion at Control4’s second annual Developer Conference held in conjunction with the International CES in Las Vegas last month. To date Control4 has written drivers for many devices. The SDK enables Control4’s technology development partners to create software designed specifically to Control4’s standards. This ensures enhanced driver compatibility, which results in products that can easily integrate with any user's home automation system.

The SDK allows 3rd-party developers to create 2-way serial drivers for controlling AV, Security, and other types of devices within the Control4 system. It includes documentation which provides programmers with procedures and reference material. It covers development strategy, design decisions, etc. It also provides step-by-step examples of driver creation, testing, and deployment. These examples seek to provide an illustrative reference using real-world driver examples to serve as a tutorial and to accelerate new driver development.

The Control4 Driver SDK is targeted to device manufacturers and developers interested in developing device-specific drivers for the Control4 architecture. The programmer utilizing the SDK is expected to be familiar with:

· C/C++ Development (significant experience required)

· C# Development (minimal experience required if not developing custom GUI and Wizard pages)

· Visual Studio .NET / Visual Studio 2005 IDE experience

· Linux development (minimal experience required)

· XML language basics

· Makefile language basics

The SDK is developed and supported by Card Access under contract with Control4. Information and an order form are available from www.cardaccess-inc.com/control4. We direct Control4 Dealers and customers to that location from the Control4 website (http://www.control4.com/products/developer/developer.htm). The SDK is priced at $1,995 for software & documentation, and at $2,895 for software, documentation, and a Media Controller.

If you have any questions about this product, I'll be happy to respond on this forum.


Eldon Greenwood

Sr. Product Manager, Control4

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We just started shipping the SDK. So it's premature to talk about what other will be developing with it. We are in discussions with manufacturers and the SDK is one of the things we bring to the table with us for those discussions. As we get closer to having 3rd-party developed drivers "committed" and ready for release, we'll certainly publicize that.



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