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Shield vs TiVo stream


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Anybody have any thoughts on the shield vs stream with regards to control, reliability when in a c4 control env?  I was all ready to get some roku’s and with the recent crap they are pulling with trying to get paid for ads I was looking at the other options.  
I suppose there is also Apple TV but no ability to do mini apps. 

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I always say go Roku .... but right now for some of us, Roku is a joke. 1/3 of every device has a serious audio codec issue that started in June. Fix is to lock to simple Dolby and it’s fine. But... assuming that gets worked out, they are launching the new Ultra with DV and Atmos. This, together with bulletproof integration, is a complete game changer. I will be ditching TiVo Streams & ATV4K’s when it’s released, so long as they get their shot together with the codec issue.



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I have tried MANY streamers.  I have Fire 4K, Fire Cube, NVidia Shield Pro, and Apple TV.  Here is a quick breakdown from my experience.

First and for most I have Samsung Q80's so no Dolby Vision (DV) but I do have HDR 10+, as well as a Integra DHC60 running 5.2.2 ATMOS,  and full Control4, hence lies the problems.

Fire 4K - was ok but really no different than the built in apps of the Q80's - I gave it away.

Fire Cube 4K - bought it last summer because of the HDR10+ compatibility and ATMOS - but EXTREAMLYYYYY slow, to the point of unusable. 

Apple TV - Apps work solid has ATMOS, but no native support for control4 to go right to the apps (that I am aware of).

NVidia Shield Pro - Like the unit but I have had nothing but lip sync issues using it with Hulu.  

This brings me to my last purchase.  I just ordered a Roku ultra (Not in yet) do to the seamless integration with control4 (as I am told and have seen on the forum).  I guess I am going to be living with HDR but do have Atmos.  Does anyone know since it will do DV will it default back to at least HDR10 on the Samsung?

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