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My Music corrupted

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Noticed after a restart of my controller (no music was playing and scanning was not occuring so the usual fix - reboot controller)...

1. 6500 songs were restriped with a single album and single artist when only 23 of them were attributable to that.

2. I tried deleting mm.db and that did nothing.

3. I tried deleting all songs through Composer Home Edition and it keeps leaving about 3.4k of them after selecting all and delete finishes.  Tried multiple times

4. I had thought there'd be a clean way to go into mm.db (I offlined that to PC) and update album_song table to set the album_id right by linking to song_docs but it doesn't take.  SQL is right, but runs and keeps album_song table as it was...and way too many records to fix for manual job.

So - is there a cleaner way to just delete the music and reboot the controller and re-scan?   I think I have to give up the playlists and pandora file, but that's less painful than just having this mess.


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Well I found out it wasn't C4.   It was in my NAS and I'm using MusicBrainz Picard to get back 95% of the correct Artist, Album Artist, and Album to the songs affected apparently from my wife fiddling with the music.

I don't like DLNA because on my NAS (freeNAS), only Plex's DLNA is stable, but there's no search mechanism within.  I've tried miniDLNA and others and none are stable products, either quitting or unable to handle 17k songs.

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