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Video Switch x Receiver


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Which one should you choose? Depends on your needs. If it is a standalone room - Reciever all the way. If you plan on distributing video to other rooms - then obviously a video switch.

One benefit of a reciever is that high end models tend to support upconverting or downconverting - ie. going from composite to component, or s-video up to component. This is a really handy feature and you tend to pay big bucks for this in a switcher. In addition, by the time you get this up/down converting capability you also get zone capabilities. This means your receiver can sometimes act as a 2- or 3- zone video switcher. Don't get me wrong, it costs serious money for this.

Some of the brands I am going to list are WAY more expensive than others, but for the average middle-class job they all would do the same job.

From a purely control + automation perspective (listed in alphabetical order - there is no bias here):

- Denon

- Marantz

- Integra

- Yamaha

Most of these manufacturers provide stable IR or RS-232 codes across models and years, and almost all have discrete controls for almost all the range. Horrah!

In terms of video switches (once again in alphabetical order):

- Autopatch

- Extron

- Kramer

- Knox

Solid companies. Stable RS-232 control across a massive range of products. Can't get much better.

Now if you speak to a dealer, each will have their favourite brand. Personally I like the black one with the most plugs in the back!

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