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Sonos driver doesn't swap matrix inputs


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I have to be missing something basic. I have a Sonos Connect into a Anthem MDX16 digital input. All I want to do it trigger a playlist from a keypad button. If I have the matrix playing another source (Pandora from an EA3 for instance) and use the "Select Playlist" action, the input on the matrix doesn't change nor does the C4 app show the playlist trying to play. It stays on Pandora in this example.

If the "tear down the stream" timeout has expired for Pandora and all audio sessions are shutdown in the room, choosing Sonos and the playlist from the C4 mobile app works as expected.

What am I missing here? I have the Sonos driver installed in every room that is attached to the matrix. I have tried the driver in the room in question both with no override room value and with the room set as the override room value. I have to imagine I am missing something basic or this driver requires more explicit manual routing than I am realizing.


Any ideas?

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Ok I think this is the hint I needed. The documentation confused me.


You must add and configure one Sonos (Works With Sonos Certified) driver to the project for each Sonos room in the installed Sonos system regardless of whether those rooms will have Control4 control – this is necessary to make control of grouped players work.

It didn't click what they meant by "each Sonos room". They mean it logically in the Sonos app - NOT in Composer.

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It’s working perfectly now. I was making it harder than it needed to be. It’s a simple master driver with a single driver for each physical device. The way the docs were written had me thinking too hard. I got confused on what they meant by “room”. There’s the concept of “rooms” in Sonos too.

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