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IP Camera upgrade


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23 hours ago, mnay said:

i am looking to swap out some of my 1mp ip cameras to 4 MP cameras.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  

Is there an NVR in play? If so brand/type? Because if there is that may influence options.

Also, what STYLE of camera do you want. (Bullet, Dome, Turret.....)


But....in general look at Uniview Starlight illumination cameras

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I have been trying a bunch of different ones recently as LUMA leaves lots to be desired.

The best system I have ever used is a Unif Protect system. Apparantly there are C4 drivers but I have never tried them.

But the Unifi Protect app for mobile and PC is without a doubt the best I have ever used. It has no monthly fees. 

Really the only downsides are the cost, (its pretty expensive relatively speaking) and I dont really like bullet cameras (I prefer dome)

But man that app is just so damn good it doesn't even matter.


I still cant belive Luma cant do something simple like a push notification. Absolutely rediculuous. The app sucks too. It doesn't put the events in a nice list. Rewinding sucks, the footage comes off the DVRs/NVRs in a completely unplayable format. There is so many drawbacks. I still have alot of analog system and its taking them like 10 months to push the firmware for the NVRs and i'm still waiting on the DVRs. We still have to use IE which is just no acceptable.


When looking for a camera system its almost like picture quality comes second. Your first priority should be an awesome app that is easy to use. And believe it or not that is very hard to find without some sort of compromise.


Just get Unifi. Their software is years ahead of anyone elses

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On 11/6/2020 at 11:15 AM, robbie3130 said:

Isn't there new plugin free firmware for the Luma NVRs?

There is a firmware update only for the 510 NVRs to allow chrome to work. Which is only 1/4 of their Luma lineup

310 NVRs don't have firmware yet

510 / 310 DVRs don't have firmware yet (none of the DVRs do)

The 500/501 series which is only a few years old will likely not get new firmware which really pisses me off as we have a bunch  of these on the field and to completely abandon support for them only 2 years after they were being sold really sucks.


So yea the LUMA team and firmware just don't mix and match. One time the LUMA Link cloud service was down and I had customers who were SOL for like 4+ months before Luma fixed it with a firmware update. Imagine having your surveillance system down (Not accessible) for 4 months while you wait on the Luma team to release firmware.  

From the outside it really looks like the entire LUMA team over at snap might be like 1 or 2 persons max. Because holy mackerel it takes them ages to get anything done.

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