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Lutron HomeWorks integration with Control4 3.2.0


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I have a system that I'm trying to integrate Lutron HomeWorks with C4 running 3.2.0 but It doesn't seem to be working. I already follow all of the instruction step by step and nothing.. Has anyone here can give me some advise.





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9 minutes ago, msgreenf said:

what isn't working? have you paired your hub with c4?

Yes. i add the IP address for the main processor to my driver on C4.. Is there anything else I'm supposed to do? Also i add the driver for the processor using the Discovered tab on composer.





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Name: Lutron HomeWorksQS Processor (OS 2.9+)
Manufacturer: Lutron
Model: HomeWorksQS Processor
Creator: Control4
Control Method:  
Certified: No
Creation Date: 12/06/2016 10:00 PM
Modified Date: 12/20/2017 2:00 PM
Version: 3
Device ID: 255
Device File: control4_processor_ip_lutron_hwqs.c4i
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3 minutes ago, chopedogg88 said:

Make sure you aren't using the default user and password for the processor. And of course set the username and password to the corresponding one that you create in Lutron. 

I call lutron and they said the username and password of the proccessor cant be change.. im using lutron/lutron

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1 minute ago, Thepritch88 said:

What’s the model of the processor you’re using? I would have thought you’ve got the right one if it was in discovered but you never know.

check the dimmer drivers have HomeWorksQS in the name 

check username and password, you may need to set up a different one that the default 



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There is a shades driver for Homeworks QS shades, but it gets a bit messy if you try to do groups of shades. Someone did release a thrid party driver to help with this quite recently, but I'm afraid I can't remember who.

AFAIK there is no driver for a Homeworks QS fan, but I think it should be possible to program around it to get a fan icon on the interface, even if in the background the system thinks it is switching a light on and off.

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