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zigbee vingcard hotel locks


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hello all,

it is possible to htc200 intercept zigbee signal from vingcard zigbee hotel locks?

when guest opens his door with his proximity card this locks send zigbee signal to its router then receptionist know that guest is in the room.

purpose is when guest enter his room htc200 intercept zigbee signal from locks and lighting turn on


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You can't 'intercept' a ZigBee signal, you would have to have the ZigBee device added to the Control4 Controller's ZigBee PAN, and also learn it's ID into the Control4 system.

Unfortunately, if you do that, it's security is set according to the Control4 Controller's PAN, and not the PAN of it's own ZigBee router.

You *could* possibly have the Control4 system send (over Ethernet) a notification of the ving card being used to the receptionist's system, but it would not be over ZigBee, and you'd have to have some sort of driver to do that.


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