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An "HC100" ie a Small wireless -> IR blaster


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I'd love to see a much smaller controller which can be controlled from within C4 wirelessly (say zigbee)..Only a couple of IR "out's" would suffice: in order to keep the size and power consumption low.

Predominantly to be used for sending IR commands to devices and equipment that are in hard to reach spaces (eg mounted in ceilings or high up on walls), or attached onto solid walls or in the middle of rooms of solid slab construction

..mainly for use in the retrofit market...

..some initial uses I'm thinking of are control of split system airconditioners, projectors, flatscreeens mounted onto solid walls, or on AV gear that happen to be beyond the range of a 2 meter IR lead, powered subwoofers that need to be a long way separated from the primary gear etc....

what do you think? :D

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Global Cache announced a new line of small units with an Wifi to IR bridge at Cedia Expo. It will also work over PoE, etc.

Check them out: http://www.globalcache.com/news/pr-itachrelease.html

I new you guys on this site would come up with something! This site totally rocks :lol:

This looks fantastic...just the thing..how does it network and work within C4?

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It uses the GC-100 driver and works just like the 100, but is limited by the number & types of ports available on the device itself.

I have a 100 in my personal system and it works well. I will be moving over to the new contact expander shown at Cedia Expo once it's shipping. No issues with the GC, I just want all of the extra ports in the expander.

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