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For Sale: C4 Equipment Package Deal - MUST SELL ASAP


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Hello Group.

This For Sale post replaces my original post titled "Assorted C4 For Sale: 2/6 Button Keypads, Dimmers, Thermostats, etc."

Since I have had no serious takers and I need to raise money ASAP I am reposting my equipment for sale as a package deal. Best offer takes it all.

Here is what I am selling:

Item								Qty	
2 button keypad, white - 2
6 button keypad, KBZ-6B1, white- 2
Dimmer, LDZ-101, white - 2
Wireless switch, LSZ-101, white- 1
Thermostat CCZ-T1W, white - 2
Contact/Relay extender - 1
HTC-1 home theater controller - 1
Speaker point - Ethernet - 1

I am selling the complete package for the best offer I receive over $1000.00. I will accept offers until September 30th at 5 PM.

Feel free to email me or call direct at 801-784-6801 if you have any questions.

Here are the terms:

- Best offer of $1000 or more gets the equipment.

- Selling as a package only.

- Offers accepted until September 30th at 5 PM.

- I am looking for cash, no trades or swaps, sorry!

- Purchaser is responsible for shipping and insurance costs.

- All items are new or barely used (used for testing or demonstration only) and come in original packaging.

- All items are guaranteed working and have been updated to build

- Payment in cash, money order or wire transfer. Personal or business checks must clear before I ship.

- Equipment can be picked up in person if desired.

This is a great deal on some terrific Control4 equipment. Please call or email with questions or comments.

Chris Levin

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To be perfectly honest, and this is just my opinion, but I think $1k is too much to ask for all of that, used, as a package. The HTC would be worthless for someone who is planning to upgrade to 2.0. The rest you lose a bit selling as a package because of two reasons:

1) There should be a discount for buying multiple used items together

2) The likelihood of finding one person that actually needs all of those things is lower than finding someone that might need 80% of it. As a result anyone making offers would discount the value of the items they dont need/want more than you could sell them for individually.

If I *needed* all of that stuff (minus the HTC) I would probably be willing to pay $750-800 for it used.

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I see your point and agree with the package price issues. My reason for going this route is that I just don't have more time to put into it. Selling a piece at a time was how I started out and I got tons of emails 90% of which were negotiations on price, shipping, payment and just about anything else you can think of. I spent many hours, hardly sold anything and shipping plus my time (I'm self-employed) ended up eating most of that.

I disagree with you regarding my prices - individually and as a package. I've put a lot of time and research into identifying the going rate for these items and I'm pretty sure that mine a equal or better than nearly all of the other for sale ads on the net. If you need an HTC because yours is busted and you don't need or are not interested in a 2.0 upgrade then my price is great. If you don't have the need then no price would matter.

Having said that, at this point I really want to unload the stuff I have left. So, if anyone wants, needs or is interested in any of my parts then make me an offer. I'm willing to work something out for any serious buyers. Check out my earlier posts for an idea of the prices I'm looking for on individual items.

Thanks for the comments.


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