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Any On-Q Dealers Here on the Forum?


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I think I am going to install an On-Q intercom system/doorbell throughout the house.

If anyone here is an On-Q dealer, please shoot me an email.

I am after (1) IC-5002OB, and (1) IC-5400WH. If this works out the way I think it will, I will be after another (11) IC-5000WH and the appropriate transformer to handle that many units.

If anyone on the forum is currently using this intercom system, I would love to hear what you think about it.


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Selective Call is a nice upgrade over the typical intercom system.

Just a few things to know.

1) You need to put all of the powersupplies on a UPS.

I've seen issues where a power blink will cause one of the power supplies to drop and that disconnects all of the rooms connected to that power panel. Then you have to pull power to all of the panels and reconnect in order of master, slave1, slave2, etc to get the entire system back on line.

2) It is Selective call, but NOT selective listen. If you set one room to monitor, it does broadcast across all of the un-muted stations. Which is stupid for a system with "Selective Call" in the name. This is mostly an issue for people with multiple kids, who might want to monitor the baby's room without disturbing other kids.

3) Room names are not editable yet, you can only use the predefined listing in the system. They are supposed to add support for editing and renaming, but it's never been released and I don't know where it is on the release calendar.

4) The outside door stations look GREAT in oiled bronze. Used those on a project and the architect flipped out over how good they looked when installed. He had been very hesitant to accept the addition of the intercom system, but he loved the door stations.

5) You will need a power supply for every expansion chassis.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I've installed the system and been through the entire training courses for Selective Call.

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jberger, thanks for the info.

I have all of my equipment centrally located in the basement, and that is where I plan on putting the "back end" hardware for this system. I will run Cat5 to all the locations I want an intercom at. Putting the "back end" hardware on a UPS is not a problem, as I have UPS units down there already.

What is an expansion chassis, and how many will I need for what I posted above?

I would want the outdoor stations (front door and back deck) in oil rubbed bronze, and the inside stuff probably in white.

It is good to know about the selective listen, that is annoying. Is this a product that allows the end user to apply updates as new features are released? How often is the "firmware" updated? It would be nice to be able to edit the names of the rooms, it seems silly that you can't.

If you could share pricing information here (or email me if you want it to be kept private) I would appreciate it. I don't have a huge budget for this project, but I need to get it done.


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If I follow your initial post correctly, you are looking at the "starter" pack which includes an expansion panel, power supply, (4) interior door stations in white.

So you are talking about a total of 15 door stations and a outside door station.

The expansion panels handle 8 stations per module and can be cascaded for up to 32 total stations.

Since the starter kit includes 1 panel, you will only need 1 additional panel. If you are certain you need only white panels, you could buy 4 starter kits and end up with 1 additional station at a lower overall cost. (I haven't looked the pricing to confirm, PM if you need me to look it up.)

I haven't seen any firmware updates for the system so I'm not sure how it will upgrade. I assume it will be an RJ45 based plug in upgrade path, but who knows for sure. It could also be an expansion panel swap.

I doubt it will be an end user upgrade path, it's considered 'dealer only' but that is a loose definition that seems to change based on the rep. They have a lower-end unit that is available everywhere but Selective Call is a bit harder to get ahold of.

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AudioShare is selective call and selective listen, has editable room names AND has Control4 features available at the intercom station, including delivering the C4 music to each wall station as an audio end point, even through an optional 50w amp to in-ceiling speakers.

I don't want to sound like an AudioShare sales guy, but ... yes I do. Sorry.

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