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6 hours ago, Thejewishblt said:

My server room with the door closed runs about 95. I can’t run the AC into it as during winter would get to hot. Is that temp ok or should I look into a solution. 


22 minutes ago, South Africa C4 user said:

You need to find a solution. 

95 what?

95 Fahrenheit - You should lower the temperature to increase lifespan as you're looking at 35-50% reduced expected lifespan.

95 Celsius - you need to shut everything off now. I mean stop reading and shut it off now.



On a serious note - you should at least get the running temperature down to 85F. If temps occasionally spikes to 95F (ie all your amps have been firing for several hours in a house party) but it cools down in reasonable time, it may not be a huge concern, though still not great.

You'll want to be between 50F and 85F.

In Celsius one would say stay between 10 and 30 degrees.

These are somewhat flexible (they're rounded numbers for ease of remembering) and it's not 'better' to try and force 50F than it is to aim for 75F at 'idle', nor should you 'freak out' if you see the temperature 'spike' 2-3 degrees outside of that range.

DO NOTE that we're talking about AREA (room/space/closet/enclosed rack) temperature here - not temperature reads on components or even the temperature of the steel of a rack (though that's better). This means that those stick-on temp sensing strips are not a great indicator, nor are laser temp sensors as both measure surface temperature, not air temperature.

If you can't get a 'regular' air temp sensor in, put a piece of cardboard or plywood/mdf or even a piece of drywall in the rack where it touches minimal metal, isn't to enclosed by gear or behind a fan exhaust and measure from that to get a closer idea of the air temperature. If you must attach to an enclosed rack, do it on the plastic/glass of the front door, or if in a closet/room, somewhat removed from the gear on a wall/side.


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Depending on what equipment is in your rack, you will want to watch the temperature and be careful. Especially if you have any AVR’s or Audio Amps in your rack, these will heat up an enclosed space.

What I do to cool my AV Closet is use two inline ducted fans. I pull air from a conditioned room in my house and I then return air to the same space but not near wear I am pulling the fresh air from. I then have a macro in C4 that controls the speed of these two fans to manage the temperature of the closet. Works great. Just keep in mind you want both ducts to have the same air flow which may be different fan speeds depending on whether both of your ducts are the same length or not.

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