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Need Front Door Intercom: Must Integrate with Panasonic Phones, C4


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The AudioShare intercom looks great and is control4 compatible, but can it only be used with other audioshare intercoms?


For example, I'd like my front door intercom to be able to connect with my Panasonic KX-DT300 series phone system. Will the AudioShare do this?

For example, I'd like when someone pushes the front door button, a chime rings over the distributed audio system, or the phones ring. I can pick up any phone and talk to the front door intercom.

The control4 functionality would be great too, so if someone rings the doorbell, a TV or touchscreen automatically goes to the front door security camera.

Will the AudioShare connect with Panasonic IP phones? If not, is there a front door intercom out there that will integrate both with IP phones and control4?

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I just spoke with the guys at AudioShare, and this new front door intercom does not interface with an IP phone system. However, they have the concept in the works and they would like to have one out in about a year.

So I take it there is no intercom that is both integrated with C4 and can interface with IP phones.

Even if my intercom doesn't integrate with C4, the Panasonic KX-DT300 series phones can. So my hope is that someone can call in, and I can set up a command on the phone to open the Black and Decker C4 door lock.

Any recommendations for a front door intercom that will at least be able to interface with an IP phone system?

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I am on a roll answering my own questions today. So the typical Panasonic front door intercom looks like this:


Its not integrated with C4, and not the best looking, but not too bad.

If you want something that looks nicer, a company called Channel Vision makes front door intercoms that will interface with a Panasonic KSU and IP phone system. If you think about it, you really don't need C4 compatibility with the intercom when the phone has it.



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