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Tekmar, which makes great heating controls and interfaces, has recently announced a home automation interface via RS232.

The Tekmar Gateway 482 was released on Oct 15. The 482 allows home automation systems to communicate to the thermostats to set the temperature and the mode of operation (heat, cooling, auto, off).

The tN4 Gateway 482 provides RS 232 serial communication between tekmarNet® Thermostats and third party automation systems such as home automation or audio/video control systems. The third party automation system is able to monitor and adjust the thermostat’s heating, cooling, and ventilation fan settings.

There are software drivers to communicate to AMX and Crestron home automation systems. There is no software driver for Control4 at this time.

Here's a link to the data brochure on the Tekmar 482


Here's a link to the information on the interface protocol


I'd love to see C4 come out with a driver!

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We've been waiting years on the Evolution Zone system, so good luck. They even came out about 6 months ago and said they were starting development and that a beta driver would be available in "about a month". I think that was in March, and we're still waiting (as far as I know).

I hope I'm wrong, but I think you've got a long wait ahead of you.

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I have no idea. I know that Crestron and AMX have been around a lot longer, and are more established (especially in commercial applications). To me this could mean two things that would impact that. If they have a larger customer base meaning more sales and more profits, maybe that allows them to afford a larger staff of employees, with a good size tem dedicated to just this? The other thought I have is maybe they're not evolving the way C4 is (because C4 is still so new), so they can direct more resources to stuff like this than to Crestron brand product development?

Of course, this is all speculation. It is frustrating to see they always have drivers for everything, seemingly immediately.

A cousin of mine is a Crestron AND AMX dealer that does primarily commercial work, but is making a foray into residential due to a slow down in business. He's offered to deck my place out as a show home, and to help be the outspoken "I had Control4 and switched to Crestron" guy that helps him convert C4 customers to Crestron customers.

I should ask him why/how Crestron and AMX get this stuff so fast.

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I would think another reason is that Crestron and AMX have had customization functionality for longer than Control4, and have more of a marketplace of developers. Crestron (and probably AMX) has their Crestron Authorized Programmer program, and there are 3rd parties who make drivers for devices and sell them to dealers.

Control4 is starting to get that kind of marketplace, but it does take time.

I don't know how good of a spokesperson for 'I had Control4 and switched' you'd make if you don't have to pay for equipment / install, etc... I'm sure there are plenty of people with Crestron installed, who would switch to Control4 if they were offered to get all the gear / installation for free. We have dealers who have made a good percentage of their installs of replacing Crestron systems with Control4.

I'm convinced that in a lot of cases, it's not the gear, it's the installer.


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I'm certainly not jumping ship. My house relies on Control4 completely, and it's already here. A Crestron install to replace everything I have would take at least a week, and because of how the wiring needed, I am sure it would require the cutting and repair of drywall, which I'm not interested in.

On top of all that, I would have to teach my wife how to use it all, which wouldn't be fun. There was quite a learning curve for her with Control4, I'm sure it would be as bad or worse with Crestron.

I'm not leaving, as you can tell by my handle, ILoveC4!!!

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Why is it that you always see Crestron and AMX driver availability when 3rd party products are announced, but Control4 seems to lag significantly?

uhh crestron is enormous and charges at least 4 times as much for their products?

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