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LED Logic


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I'd like to know how you would script this... I could use this for my bedroom...those leds can be too bright at night :-)

BTW the Linksys NSLU2 is working perfectly as a NAS with C4 ... if only I could only get the USB2 port to support NTFS along with the first port (which supports it with the newest firmware) , instead of just Linux partitions



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1) Create two scheduler events. Once called "LEDs off" at 11pm, the other called "LEDs on" at 7pm.

2) In the variables agents, create a boolean variable called "are_LEDs_on"

3) When the first scheduler event ("LEDs off") is triggered in programming, set the variable "are_LEDs_on" to false, and when the second scheduler event triggers set the "are_LEDs_on" variable to true.

4) When the variable "are_LEDs_on" changes in programming, do two tests: one is if true, the other if false.

5) When the variable is false, you want to turn every LED to the color black. With the 6-button keypad, you can set the off colour to black if you selected "managed" under system properties. If the 6-button keypad is unmanaged, then you will need to stipulate the colour like you do with the switches and dimmers.

6) When the variable is true, do the reverse and set whatever colour you want.

Let me know if this suffices.

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