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Card Access Motion Problems


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I just got my CA Motion detectors installed and they arent quite working as expected. Basically neither one will detect initial motion until I am right in front of them and virtually do a jumping jack. After they detect initial motion they seem a bit more sensitive but still not great.

Also, one of them after it detects motion it thinks it is detecting motion for the next 15 minutes regardless of if anyone is in the room (based on the icon on my touchpanels). The other one stops detecting motion after about 30 seconds if there is no motion.

Any ideas/similar experiences?

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From what I can tell the 1% wins... :)

I think some of your choices are

1. Have your dealer log in remotely

2. Have your dealer make a site visit

3. Let a dealer from these forums log in remotely to have a look

4. Upload your project so a dealer here can take a look

There are a lot of dealers on these forums that do remote help so it is not uncommon.

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