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IR over Muxlab baluns for Sony Component Matrix Switch


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My installer ran IR signals from the HC-300 over the same Cat5 cable used to distribute video from the Sony Component Matrix switcher to the Muxlab Balun. The setup worked OK for about 1 month and then I lost the red in the video signal. I changed the balun and the same thing happened after about 1 week.

Another installer told me that this particular setup isn't recommended and I could damage the Sony matrix switch. Now I'm not sure who to believe. Can anyone please advise? Thanks.


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The muxlab baluns used with the Sony CAV are powered, so I usually steal a pair from the audio balun for IR.

I've never tried to steal a pair from the video balun because I assumed they were all in use. Balanced video would need 3 pair plus a pair for power, or maybe they are using a shared ground so you don't need all of the lines, I just don't know.

Perhaps you have a short at the RJ-45 connector since it's missing a pair?

Are the muxlab baluns the installer used the ones recommended for use with the Sony CAV? Muxlab has lots of balun options, but not all are for use with powered transmitters. Applying power to a passive balun could certainly cause some issues.

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