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Breathe Audio whole audio integration


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just wondering if anyone has integrated the Breathe Audio whole home audio (2 source 4 zone is what i got) to their C4 system ?

I just bought that system and dont have a driver for it yet, any suggestions to start with a similar driver ?


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Two way control is nice for several reasons. With two way control you typically has discrete volume inputs, meaning you can set a default volume, etc... Control4 would know whether or not the Breathe Audio was actually on and what it was doing.

Two way control just helps to eliminate a lot of the issues, and the "confusion" that can occur between two electronic devices when one actually doesn't know what state the other one is in. Control4 will assume that the last thing breathe audio did was what COntrol4 told it to do, when someone may have pressed a physical button or used the factory remote.

That probably isn't a very good answer, and if that is confusing or doesn't make sense them I am sorry.

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