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Span Smart Electrical Panel

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Anyone have any experience with the Span Smart electrical panel.  https://www.span.io/.  This device allows you to have smart control of circuit breakers, and to prioritize the electrical devices so that you can only run a subset of appliances when on battery or generator power.

There was some discussion of this on a thread about generators: 


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I looked into it about 5 months ago. My house has 1 main and 2 large sub-panels. - and I would need 3 Span panels to get monitoring and control of each circuit. However, at the time, the Span App would basically look at the 3 panels independently and not as one large panel. They expected this to change as the app evolved. Another factor for me is the C4 driver is not available yet. It’s in the plans, but no committed timeline and no commitment on driver features. So I am holding out.

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just started looking into this as well after seeing a few YouTube videos on it, one of which for a C4 house (non-integrated).  I was preferring to use Sonnen as my battery backup system but at present they don't support that integration.  Currently only LG, Tesla PW & PW2 and Q2 Enphase IQ models.  I haven't started with any solar, panel or backup power yet but was looking to either do this SPAN unit or Savant Power as primary options even though I have a strictly C4 home.  Would be interested to know if anyone has used either and their experiences so far.



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