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My Plan to Control Shutters with Control4


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So I've done some research into motorization of blinds and shutters. From what I've read, motorization of blinds is possible, but it is an uphill battle, especially for larger windows. Blinds are very heavy, so battery powered isn't practical, and even if you run electrical to each window, the motors tend to get stressed and can wear out on larger windows.

So I'm exploring Norman Shutters "PerfectTilt" technology. It uses rechargeable batteries that have a solar panel on the back:


Supposedly the solar panel keeps these motors running without maintenance, and there is no need to run electrical to each window. Anyone have experience with these shutters?

The next challenge is to integrate them into control4. The shutters run on infrared commands from a remote control. So my plan is to install a major IR blaster within each room (only 3 rooms will have motorized shades, on the west side of the house), connected to the IR output of an HC-200:


It would be wired using a Xantech CB12 connecting block, which gives the blaster power:


The next step will be to learn the IR codes, and program the 6 button keypads in each room to operate the blinds.

Anything I'm missing here guys? Anyone try any of this technology, including these Xantech IR blasters?


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