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Trigger to alarm clock?


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I would like to setup my system to start grading the lights up from 10% to 100% over 100 minutes before I wake up. In addition I would like the music to start at the time I get up.

The catch is, I would like this to integrate somehow with my alarm clock or be able to set the time somehow. I dont wake up at the same time each morning, and the worst thing is to have it set for 6 am and not have to wake up until 8 am that day.

Anyone have any ideas to integrate either one's alarm clock or an alarm clock into a C4 system?


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I utilize my home as an alarm clock. One really easy way to do it is to use the wakeup agent. You can adjust the time it will go off using the GUI on your TV.

I've been meaning to do a writeup about this on the blog. Maybe I'll do one this weekend if I have time.

EDIT: Fix typo...it's too early.

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