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Picture but no Sound

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Just got a control 4 installed in a new house about 3 weeks ago.  I am having issues with the TV sound which is played through a denon receiver.  

It happened about a couple days after install, but the pro cam back out and said that it was an issue with the static ip.  He was supposed to have fixed this, and its been working somewhat seamlessly.  However tonight the issue appeared again.  I paused youtube TV to put the kid to bed.  By the time I came back (15-30 mins later) the TV lost the signal and my LG (brad new OLED65B1pUA) was showing the screen saver with the pictures on it.  I went to hit watch tv to restart youtube tv and the picture came back on, but w/o sound.  I used the system off on the control 4 remote, and when I first tried to turn the system back on the tv would not restart. I eventually turned the tv on manually, and re shut down.  This time,  I finally got the tv to start through control 4, but still no sound.  I can still play everything else (music/ sharebridge etc) through the control 4 so I assume its a TV to control 4 issue. 

Anyone have any thoughts, comments, help or assistance.  We have all of these people coming over to the house for football this weekend and to see the house for the first time and its pretty embarrassing that I cant get my tv to work. 

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Can you explain the setup?

  • Is all the equipment in the TV room?
  • Is the sound supposed to be coming out of the TV or other speakers?
  • Are you running a video or audio matrix, or just the Denon?
  • Is YouTube TV running on a native app on the TV or on a Roku/Apple TV/etc?


  • Can you control each piece of equipment involved? Even if it still doesn’t work, can you prove that the equipment is controllable by C4?
  • if there is no matrix involved, can you use the individual remotes of the devices (or the manual controls on the front) to get the sound on?

Video but no audio is sometimes an indication of an audio format issue, but a Denon receiver should generally be able to handle that fine. That’s usually only a problem with a stereo audio matrix. You could try changing the audio format on the video source back and forth between stereo and surround. 

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I will try to answer these: 

All of the equipment is in the tv room, except for speakers in other rooms.  The TV, denon receiver, control 4 device, switch, audio matrix and amp are together.  All of the speakers are hardwired into the ceiling.  The system also controls speakers in other locations, but no other TV's. 

all sound is supposed to come out of the speaker system.  The TV doesn't (and I guess shouldn't) play any sound. 

I dont believe there is a video matrix, but there is an AMS8 audio matrix. 

YouTube TV is running on a roku device.  Its also not just youtube, but all of the apps on the roku. 

The control 4 appears to generally still be in control of the system.  I can still play audio in each individual zone including the main room where the TV is.  I can also control the TV, change channels on youtube tv, and switch apps.  All is just w/o sound. 

I appreciate the help!

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Is the Roku’s audio getting to the matrix via the Denon?

if you can play/control audio in that and other zones, just not the Roku, my guess would be it’s either a connection issue with the Roku or an audio format issue, but I am far from an expert.

I believe the audio matrix can handle PCM stereo or surround, but not some other surround formats (DTS, maybe).

Whatever is sending the roku’s audio into the matrix (either the Denon or the Roku itself), can you set it to stereo? I know there’s an audio format setting in the Roku. 

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Is it a Roku Ultra?  Is the Roku available as an audio source in your other stereo speaker rooms?

If the answer is yes to both, most likely there’s a HDMI Audio Extractor being used to strip stereo sound from the HDMI signal.

I’d wager on that device being your problem.  Try power cycling it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I wouldn’t say this is a Control4 issue rather it’s an audio connection issue that is caused by an HDMI, audio sync, etc. whoever set this up need to come back and fix it!

It could be anything, the Roku, the amp, the cable, so all has to be troubleshooted!

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Sorry for the delay and it seems like a few issues. For one the Roku device appears to be an issue and I have had to power cycle it (at the recommendation of the set up guys) another issue is that the control four device is having issues. (I have the new model) they are warranting it out and going to replace it because it isn’t reading hdmi devices. 

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So the issue is the Triad? How did they concluded that? Is the Roku the only device that is attached to the matrix or there are other audio/sources? Also how come the entire setup is flaky? So the AMS and Roku need replacement?

The root cause is what u need to know, switching gears will not always fix things but they are doing it already!

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