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Battery added to my solar array using SOL-ARK

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This means that (since I have free "nights" from 8 pm to 6 am) and solar covers most of the days that I only need to cover electricity from 6 am till the sun takes over and from when the sun quits till 8 pm.  Any overages for solar simply charges the battery during the day. 

So far this works a treat - my electric bill last month was a little less than ten dollars.

I am using a HARRIS 31KW battery in case you are interested.  

Now - I currently use eGAUGE to monitor solar production and my current usage of electricity and in the summer if I am making more than using then I set the thermostats to 73 degrees - but if it is a cloudy day or not making solar then I set the thermostats to 77 degrees.  What I would really like is a driver that works like the egauge and can tell me what the battery is currently doing.

For some reason my solar guy does not think he can monitor the battery usage using egauge - has anyone done this yet? or do you have an interface to SOL-ARK 15 KW?





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I don’t know Sol-Ark but I had a similar problem (I could measure usage with eGauge but not my battery level).  I have a Victron Solar setup.  My solution was the Yatun Modbus driver.  It took me a while to teach myself the Modbus communication protocol but I now use Modbus to communicate with my battery (and other Solar devices such as the PV inverters), my generator, my backup water supply pumps, eGauge itself and various other devices.  I have been amazed by how many devices support the Modbus protocol!

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3 hours ago, TexasBill said:

Sol-ARK supports the modbus protocol - just not sure I am smart enough to do anything with it. I looked at it and choked.


Lol! Sounds like my initial reaction…

It is daunting at first but once you get it, it is pretty easy.  Your dealer may (or may not) know how to use the Yatun Modbus driver.  If you do go this route, be aware that Yatun has 2 different Modbus drivers. One for IP connected devices and one for RS232 connected devices.  The IP version is easier to use but which one you actually use depends on the communication protocol of the device you want to control. / receive data from…

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