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Need advice - Pre wiring for a new build with Metricon


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Hi All,

I am a building a new home with Metricon in Brisbane, QLD. I don't have much expertise with Control 4 systems, but would like to do as much possible to make the home smart.

I was not able to get much help with Metricon since they discontinued with smart systems, all they do is put some cables for TV and security cameras. The help I am looking for is how to do my pre wiring.

I am building a 5 bedroom house, 2-floor, with a balcony towards rear, next to master bedroom.
I have left power points near most windows for blinds, but haven't done any cabling for smart systems. Do I have to get them to do a cabling for all the points?

Things I want to be on network,
Security, Lighting, TV's on 3 locations, Air Condition, Blinds, Main Door, Garage Door. 

I would like to keep screens (tablet) in 3 locations. One Downstairs, two upstairs.

Also I read about paneling for lights not sure how to do that?

Attaching my current wiring diagram with floor plans. I know this is a big ask, is there a service provider whom I get this advise to ammend my electrical plans to get the necessary wiring done.

Many thanks in adavance.


Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 10.47.04 am.png

Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 10.47.09 am.png

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The best thing for you is to go to a Control4 integrator near you, visit a showroom and see what you’d like your house to do or what you’d like to automate. Then work with them to achieve that. You can look here for a list of control4 dealers just look for one near you. https://www.control4.com/o/go-with-a-pro/

If you want to understand some of the cabling requirements check this out

If you can’t go to a show room this is a good starting point to see what could be possible with a Control4 system.

The sky is the limit, obviously budget and what you want will come into play as to what you’ll get done. Good luck

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your question is too open ended to give specifics but Ill throw some stuff out there:

  • a minimum of 2 Cat6 (1 for data and 1 for control) and 1 RG6 at each TV location. more if you plan on putting streaming devices or other equipment in there (could place a small switch there as well though). if mounting TV on wall put a small low voltage panel at each location behind th TV
  • a conduit to your low voltage panel or rack from each TV location
  • cat 6 to each window where you might want automated blinds
  • security wire to every window and door
  • wiring to each garage door for the relay and for the sensor
  • at least 1 cat6 in each bedroom for data
  • place outlets outdoor for landscape lighting
  • speaker wire in common rooms and outdoor areas
  • cat6 where you think you might want to place a tablet or touchscreen

The lighting is a totally different thing. If you want panelized lighting you are going to have to contact a pro.

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Thanks everyone for the replies, really helpful with the insights.

I will probably talk to Electronic Living, since its close to me and see if they can help with pre wiring drawing or something so I can take it to Metricon.


Thanks again,

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i would do 3 cats and a coax, to each tv location, any room you planning on putting a gaming pc or game system i would run a cat for that as well.

if you can do HDMi i would do hdmi to some tvs  so you dont have to rely on Baluns

are you going to have local equipment tvs, or in a rack, 

you can always run packages to closets in the rooms, then run an hdmi and a cat from the bedroom closets to the tvs and keep the equipment in a closet

would wire for a wap just outside the family room, and one wap for just  outside bed 4

2  cats for each touchscreen 1 to use 1 as a backup

wire for speakers in every room but bury the ones in the ceiling you arent going to use now, at least you will have it there if you need in the future

i would run a fiber to main tvs for future possibilities

outdoors i would run a wap, tv package and 2 14/4 if you plan outdoor speakers.

1 cat per camera location 

1 cat anyewhere you may put a video doorbell

2 cats to the garage 1 pair per door control and 1 pair per magnets

run a few extra of everything to the attic as spares, or put a 2" conduit from the attic to the basement for future low voltage




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Here is my two cents from a end user that prewired for a three story townhome with 5 tv locations.

  • I ran tubes to each tv location for future proofing.  I also have an equipment rack in a central location.
  • In each tube I eventually ran 3 cat 6, and a coax.  In addition to the master location I ran Fiber.  (This is to play the central located Xbox)
  • I ran Cat6 (dual runs)  also to locations where I though I would have computer, i.e. 2 locations (4 total lines) in the office, 1 in each bedroom, 1 to the garage. (Remember the cat6 is cheep to run up front, nor so much afterwards
  • 3 cat 6 for access points on each level for WIFI (3 total runs)
  • 1 cat6 to the door bell (For chime)
  • 1 cat 6 to the porch for a camera
  • 1 cat 6 to over the garage door for a camera
  • If you are even thinking about touch screens in the rooms prewire now
  • I have security run to each of the windows and touch panels in the master and by the garage door (This cam with the house standard so I did not have much input)
  • Here was my one MISTAKE, I have 23 automated blinds all run by batter.  I HIGHLY suggest you run a low voltage 12V line to EVERY window. I promise you will not regret it if you are considering automated blinds
  • 1 have 9 speaker locations.  Main theater/Living area, dining, kitchen, garage, 3 bedrooms, porch, and master bath.  All pre wired back to the equipment rack. (The theater/living is all wired back to the equipment closet for in wall and ceiling speakers, as well as floor standing and 2 subs.  I eventually went with floor standing and subs with ceiling, but the in-wall is still there if I ever want to get ride of the floor standing)

I think that was everything I pre ran.  For each room I did not go with a touch screen (wire is there for future) but went with a keypad.  I have 2 gang in most rooms, some have three.  I am slowly adding to my system but this is my plan for each room.

Every room has recessed lights which are being switched the Philips Hue, I already have Somfy blinds (with the Bond Pro for control) in each room, and Samsung TVs (Q60s and Q80s for IP control) with Roku's for app control, I plan to add Modern Forms Fans for IP control, and each room has or is prewired for ceiling speakers.

1st switch is a Dimmer (that is going to be programed as always on (For Hue Lights). Top button, turns light on warm, touch again cold light, touch again cycle through colors. Bottom will turn off.

2nd switch is a Keypad:

  • 1 - Fan (Cycle speeds, press hold off, light to show speed  on/off)
  • 2 - Shades (Cycle, preset open, full open, closed)
  • 3 - TV (Cycle preset, i.e. spectrum, Netflix, YouTube, press hold off)
  • 4 - Audio (In Ceiling Speakers, cycle through preset with color notification)
  • 5 - room off
  • 6 - arrows - volume

A lot of what I am doing is still some work in progress, but this is from a end user that uses the system everyday. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.  Just remember prewire EVERYTHING you might possible want, the worst case is a wire stays behind the dry wall.  


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