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Password protected screen or buttons?

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2 hours ago, mtvanc said:

I want to have a few items available by only a password.  It can be a room, button or similar but basically just need it to run a macro.  Is this possible with c4?

Yes with this driver, not fancy but will give you exactly what you want, OS3.x only


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With access agent you can lock down the ability to change rooms.  I set one touchscreen up where you can only swipe between 3 rooms that have been favorites - no other rooms.  When you click the room name at the top to see the whole list of rooms (to change rooms, edit the favorite rooms, etc), you need the pin...

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As an example of what it's good for, I have the Access Agent setup with a user (called 'GuestTouchscreens') for the AirBnB rooms in my basement.

I have the Room Selector LOCKED (requires code), Room/All Filter HIDDEN (does not ever show for that user), Sessions and Media Sharing LOCKED, Settings Locked, Edit Lighting Scenes HIDDEN, and Intercom LOCKED.

All other items are set to UNLOCKED.

This allows guests to do pretty much everything but mess with lights, scenes, and anything in other rooms.  They can start their own music, control it in their rooms, but can't see 'All Lights / All Sensors', and can't change rooms other than those in their favorites.

That user is assigned to all the basement touchscreens, as well as the basement Neeos.  All the other touchscreens and Neeos in the house are assigned to the 'default' user.


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