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JVC NZ9 / RS4100 Not working after firmware 2.0

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I have this projector.  I've been waiting for that firmware, but have not updated yet.  I guess I'll wait now!  Please keep us posted.

Apart from not being able to turn it on (!!!) automatically, any feedback on the new features?  Didn't seem too earth shattering from the press release, but nice that they are adding new stuff.

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There have been a few reports of apparent problems with HDMI handshakes after the firmware update over at the AVS forum. If it occurs (and it is not yet proven or documented), those experiencing the problem report having left active HDMI cables plugged into the Projector, sometimes with the AVR/Pre-Pro turned on, when they did the update. Others have done their update with the same conditions and had no problems, so it isn't clear what is or isn't going on.

I think it would be prudent to simply disconnect any HDMI cables when doing the update (which takes about an hour) to play it safe, even if it isn't absolutely necessary.

One of the new features is a 3rd Laser Dimming Mode, meant to correct some of the shortcomings of the other 2. There is also an enhancement of its Frame Adapt DTM, with the addition of a "Wide" option, which apparently bumps the brightness up, in response to people reporting the image to be too dark.

I haven't seen anything about breaking Control4 connectivity, so am very curious about this. What troubleshooting have you done so far to try and isolate the cause?

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Definitely weird. I just sold my NX7 and am waiting for my NZ9 to be shipped, so this is of great interest to me.

I imagine you've already tried this, but powering down the NZ9, disconnecting its power cable for a minute or so, and then rebooting it can sometimes be helpful. JVC's AutoCal software uses an IP connection from PC to the Projector, and this is notoriously finicky. Sometimes a reboot like this can allow a connection to be established.

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