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Lutron Shades control not working after lost power for several hours

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Thanks @istreich...  I will try to set fixed IP thru my Luxul router.   I did obtain router login credentials from my dealer.  I inherited our C4 system from the initial owner of this home (built in 2016) and got zero transition from the previous owner with a super complicated C4 setup, so I continued to use his dealer since they did the initial setup.  The dealer is OK, but I'm comfortable with tech and more of a DIYer, so C4 has been frustrating sometimes in that I'm not sure what I can self-manage thru Composer HE (not a user intuitive software to say the least!), and what I absolutely need my dealer for.  At $180/ initial hour, it's a bit steep to get my dealer to do any programming.  

Above said, I was happy I could fix this issue (thanks folks on this thread!):  power outage = Lutron shade control not working = IP issue.  My dealer initially said they had to do a $180/hour service call, and honestly its crazy to think fixing something that ended up being a fixed IP could have cost hundreds of $$$.  I dunno whether to be frustrated with the C4 system, my dealer, or (my getting better knowledge of) Composer HE!

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Just something to consider if anyone else has a similar issue as I just had this at a client: Are you sure there is NO control?

I was at a client two weeks ago where 'The blinds stopped working' but in reality, somehow, some way, all the lutron shade drivers had their run time set to 1 second. That basically meant that after 1 second of sending the 'start going down' command, the system sent the 'stop' command. This effectively meant that by the time the actual shades 'woke up' and started to go down (or up) they stopped right away. On some blinds this meant no movement at all, on some it came across as a slight 'jog' of the blind.


May or may not be your issue at all, but it's something you can check (and fix) yourself if you have HE: it's under the shade's properties.

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Cool thanks @Cyknight good to know for future.   Mine was 100% due to a mismatched IP address, either the Lutron Hub or the Luxul Router or C4 changed the IP after power came back up after a few hours.  Once I changed the IP on Composer HE to match the Lutron Hub IP, it worked instantly.  First time it's happened to me in the ~5 years I've lived in this home.

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