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LG IP Control for 2022 OLED TVs

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I'm having an issue with IP Controlling my 2022 LG G2 TV.   It turns on and off the TV no problems.   The issue occurs when the TV was shut off on say HDMI 1, and I click Watch Apple TV which is on HDMI 2.   The TV turns on, but the input does not change.   If I use the remote to trigger the Watch Apple command again, nothing happens.  TV doesn't register any command sent.   It stays like this for approx 30 secs or so.   After which I'm able to switch inputs with no issue.   This is driving me crazy, as I read online that Quick Start + needed to be enabled or else the driver will take 30+ seconds to respond after startup. (This was for the Annex4 Web OS Driver, but sure sounds like what's happening).   

I'm using the LG Certified Driver, most recent version with Quick Start + enabled.    

Any help or guidance would be appreciated!

Running CA10 with 3.3.1 installed.  

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7 is higher than 3, no?  Command set hasn’t changed much in a long while .

C4 database drivers haven’t given me any problems.

Update the display then read the documentation for the driver or one similar.

In the advanced properties, enable all the timers and set the delays (these should have been enabled by default when the driver was added).  My input delay is set to 2000 milliseconds.

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I have had the Annex4 drivers installed for 4 years or so and never had any problems other than run of the mill power down the TV and reboot stuff that could be caused by who knows what.  I have never regretted installing the drivers.  I'm on WebOS 6 (latest version available for my TVs).

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On 1/17/2023 at 8:43 AM, slim42dog said:

TV doesn't register any command sent.   It stays like this for approx 30 secs or so.   After which I'm able to switch inputs with no issue.  

I have same exact TV: 2022 LG G2 (in 83") and same exact issue with LG driver (can't switch HDMI inputs during initial startup).   I'm curious if Annex4 drivers work better on this particular model.  If you try, please post an update.   

Update:  I have other 2022 LG TVs (but only one G2) and they seem to switch HDMI inputs (from source active on power off) after maybe a 5 second delay after power on (at first you can see the prior source on screen, then a ~5 second delay, then the input switching screen, then the correct new input).    So maybe G2 specific issue?

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Glad to see I'm not alone in the matter..   but I have LG looking into the issue right now.   They are doing a control4 test in the lab, though their doing on a 55G2.. not sure if its an 83 specific issue, similar to how the power on issue with the defective power board was limited to just the 83 series and 97 series.  

I'm going to try switching over to serial before I go an spend money on the annex4 driver.   I'll let you know how that works out.  I have my dealer coming out next friday to do this.  

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