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The following Transcript is Copied from Control4 Dealer Forum. I explained about the video over ethernet pieces we use and where to get them from, I wanted to let everyone know here


Dec 11 2005 Does anyone out there have a canned solution that they be willing to share for the following scenerio:

1) One Sony 777es centralized in A/V rack

2) MC installed in A/V rack

3) HTC's in three room locations

Client would like to access the DVD content and have it distributed to any TV equipped with an HTC (and MC of course).

Thanks in advance - Jamie


Dec 11 2005 Jamie,

Use a Component video matrix switch (Key digital 8x3) once you bind the DVD player to the matrix and the Matrix to each tv, The DVD shows up in each room as a source. Works awsome! if you have any other questions please ask.


Premier Sight and Sound


Dec 12 2005 Done it many times. If you want just run the wiring from each tv to the 777. On the back you will see 2 composite outputs, 2 s-video outputs and a component. Depending on what tv's you have you can run the feed tow 5 rooms. If owner wants component in each room do what JM says. By the way in California Good Guys is going out of business. Just picked up a Sony 3100ES, 9000ES, 777ES, and a ton of mirage speakers for 2,000. If anyone is interested back east I can pop my head back in and see what they have left. Just cant gaurantee any of it.


Dec 12 2005 Here - we just modulate and be done with it. Send it over a TV channel. All the other HTC's will know what to do with it (works really well).


Dec 12 2005 Great answers Guys. Thanks!


Dec 12 2005 Another option is Audio Authority, it will give you analog/digital audio and component over cat5. I use component cables run throughout my house, but two cat5 is much easier that 6 3gig coax to each location!



5 days ago I also use the audio Authority with great success. It's affordable and gives you ample jacks including stereo, digital audio and component. Plus the two cat5 terminate in a clean 2 gang wall plate.


1 hour ago What does AA get for the Cat5 setup? I've seen pricing from a few other Mulex? and Knoll... about $150.00 is what I have seen (both ends)


53 minutes ago Take a look at Muxlab Component / Svideo & Composite Cat5 Baluns, They are awesome. We do Alot of business with Svideo.com which has they priced extremely well, they are also very reliable. Tell them that you were referred by CYTEXONE in the coupon code and they should give you a discount.

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Hey Corbin,

We actually have it in our Showroom. It works really well, very sensative to power fluxuations and the cable needs to be perfect. I would recommend Cat6 cable with Cat6 ends, 2 straight runs. No female ends or patch panel.

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