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Anyone willing to build drivers for me for a fee?


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This post is even more confusing twice, really posting once is enough

now what are you asking, for someone to make a driver for you or are you offering to make drivers for others?

i need someone to help me with some driver support. i rather pay than try figuring it out for 4 months. I am no programmer and i need serial command work for a HVAC system (i have all the commands), a sony new receiver (IR), a 2wire media streaming player (its IR), a HDMI 6x6 switcher RS232, visio LCD 55" IR.. you get the drift. the install alone on this has taken weeks, wiring and programming. drivers are just not goign to happen as i am not from a programming background to use the SDK.

sorry for the double post. i didnt know where to post it to get to the right people..

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